Demonights 009 - Welcome to the world of Pinball

We're thrilled to announce Demonights 009, this time with a special treat for pinball lovers. Michael, Freezy and Lukas will expand our demo-minded horizons and talk about pinball emulation, visualization and true stories from the world of real, oldschool hardware pinballs machines. And of course we'll also follow up on the latest intros & demos from Revision.

Three Talks on Pinballs

True stories of real Pinball machines

Lukas Steimer, a regular visitor of demoscene events, is known as a true pinball fanatic and collector. He has great knowledge of pinball machines and people around them. He will let us hear his best stories on and around the world of true, mechanical pinball machines.

Run a 27 years old Pinball Machine in your browser

In this talk Michael, a long time demoscener, will show you how to emulate a 27 years old Williams pinball machine in your browser. We will hear how to emulate the CPU, ASIC, a dot matrix controller and other hardware in JavaScript and the underlying architecture of the emulator to provide tick accurate timing. We'll see a live demo of the Williams Pinball emulator, including how to visualise internal emulator state to help debugging.

3D Visualization of virtual Pinballs

Freezy will show us how he creates stunning 3d visuals for virtual/emulated pinballs. And he'll also talk about VPDB - the virtual pinball platform (

The very best of Revision

We'll look back at this year's Revision demoparty and show you our favourite demos, intros and other releases. Revision is the longest running Easter demoparty and is a pity to miss . If you could not be there, you can join us and at least get your dose of demoscene greatness while having a beer with us. Beside the productions from Revision, we'll also show a selection of other great stuff from the first half of 2019.

Location & Contact

When: Friday, 21.06.2019
Doors: 19:00 - 23:59, screen programme starting at ~19:30, pinball presentation time at 20:30
Entrance: CHF 10.- cover (please deposit in tip-jar)
Where: Effingerstrasse 10, Bern. Underground -2 (side entrance)

Best reachable by public transport, 5 minute walk from the main station in Bern; No parking on site: please use nearby designated city parking lots (City West). We will have some drinks & snacks available (again via tip-jar) on location.

Please let us know you're coming so that we can put some beers to the icebox. Say hi on Facebook, Twitter, Pouet or even by bloody old email (info [at]

Demonights 009 is brought to you by Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur and Effinger E-0010.