Demonights 012: PlayBern Edition


Emerging from the underground to hit back at Corona with a fresh loud and lift-your-spirits-to-the-sky DEMONIGHTS edition in Bern.

On October 16 we will take a look back at what has been going on this crazy world, how the demoscene has survived and thrived despite the pandemic, and present to you live and in max quality the results of REVISION, NOVOQUE, DECRUNCH and more! Join us for an evening of the latest demoscene productions, be transfixed and inspired by the award-winning electronic art of the demoscene. For this event we are partnering with PlayBern, the annual festival of games and culture taking place at the Reitschule, where a 24 hour Game Jam, an exhibition of independent Swiss game design, and more is being hosted at the same time. Join us to look forward to massive announcements and fresh releases from the Echtzeit Digitale Kultur association, the Swiss and international demoscene community.

It will be a massive evening. Be there or be square!

// // / SCENE+GAME JAM // /// / /

As you may recall, our One Effect Competition and workshops at past Demonights challenged you to get creative and productive, and we want to do something similar in the spirit of the Game Jam. You are welcome to bring your effects and even make something on location. Before the demo show, we will run a scene content production workshop (at about 19:00). Please join if you would like to:

  • Soak in the scene spirit and share knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Learn how to run and make demos on various equipment or platforms.
  • Make some pixel art, tracker music, 3D visuals, stop-motion animation, etc.
  • Dig out some code, glue together some procedural music or graphics tutorials together.
  • See old friends, make new friends, find your group, be fabulous, get your fame!

The date for upcoming competitions will be announced during Demonights.

If you would like to join the Game Jam, information can be found at

// // THE HARD FACTS / /

Reachable by public transport, 5 minute walk from the main station in Bern; No parking on site: please use designated city parking houses (Bahnhof Bern).

There will be a bar on location. Please spread the word and let us know you're coming using one of the usual channels at, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon & Pouet. Also see for more background.

// / §

This is a meetup and electronic arts performance organized by Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur, the Swiss association in support of the demoscene, together with PlayBern, the local association in support of independent game culture.


Here's what we've been playing during Demonights 012. A part of the playlist ist on YouTube.

Part 1)

Part 2) Retro review with Amicom

Part 3)