Demonights 013 - 014: Tour de Scene, Spring 2021


WHEN:// FRIDAY / MAY 28 / 2021
WHERE:// KOENIZ.SPACE / -0011 //

WE ARE BACK with DEMONIGHTS 014 to help everyone fight our allergies/corona/amnesia with real time graphics and totally cool scene hangouts.

We will take a look back at what has been going on in the spring of the worldwide demoscene, the results of Meteoriks 2021, Revision & Transmission 2021, a plethora of online-ersatz-parties and some very, very spectacular productions! Join us virtually or on location (see details below) for an evening of the freshest demoscene productions on screen. Don’t miss out.

But first things first: SAVE THE DATE FOR MOUNTAINBYTES 2022! 18.-20.02.2022 ~ Cham, Switzerland~ follow @bergbeiz and sign up at

// // / ONE B☺NZLI COMPO (DEMONIGHTS 013) // /// / /

In prior years we ran some tremendously fun One Effect Competitions at the DEMONIGHTS, and we want to give everyone a chance to put something weird and wonderful of their own on our screens.

At Echtzeit, we have been ramping up our outreach and have started several programs to bring demoscene-inspired creativity to kids and adults. Building on this, DEMONIGHTS 013 is a virtual creators hangout from April 28 - May 28 for scene content production, facilitated by our community and moderated by @seism and @moovie.

Read everything about this hangout and how it works (step by step guide) at

Then…get ready to impress your old friends, make new friends, find your group, be fabulous, get your 2 minutes of fame at DEMONIGHTS 014.


Date: FRIDAY, May, 28, 2021
Time: 19:00 - Midnight, screen programme starting at ~19:30
Entrance: pay-what-you-want (tip jar or online donation)

Really, where? Following current COVID-19 protocols we have strictly limited (max. 10 visitors) space available at Könizstrasse 298 in Köniz (NEW LOCATION ALERT!). This location is ideally reachable by public transport, 1 minute walk from the Köniz train station or Köniz Brühlplatz bus stop. No parking on site.

You MUST let us know that you’re coming via Slack / Twitter / Facebook / Mail and AWAIT confirmation. Please let us know if you cannot join us in person due to quarantine or symptoms & get sympathy and a care package by post instead 📧

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing symptoms, join us in VR. If you are not yet immunized, please take a self test in the morning and stfh if positive.

Where else? Feel absolutely free to set up your own party location and invite your friends/family/neighbours to enjoy the stream together. Let us know if you need any support. Please follow all public health instructions. Stay safe and enjoy the party! 🎸


This is a meetup and electronic arts performance organized by Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur, the not-for-profit Swiss association in support of the international demoscene. For more information visit

Header image based on Cevian Raspberry by Vantage