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Contact us to get more information about Demonights, to share your ideas and get involved. We are happily accepting any help we can. You can reach us by sending old fashioned emails to info [at] or by any of the means below.

Slack Channel

We run a Slack account for Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur with a dedicated #demonights channel. Join us there to learn about the demoscene, get in touch with other visitors and talk about what's hot. We organize and discuss all upcoming events there and love to see you getting involved.


Whenever we plan a new Demonights event or some other noteworthy demoscene related news are available, we send out email newsletters. Please sign up to not miss a thing! The newsletter is sent out about 4 to 6 times a year.

Twitter & Mastodon

Follow us on Twitter or Mastodon to read about upcoming Demonights and see what else we're up to. We tend to retweet and "heart" other great demoscene initiatives, so that could be a good way to stay up to date.


You know we like oldschool and retro, so that's why we you can see our events on Facebook, too. Engage on Facebook to read about upcoming Demonights and other activity of Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur.